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Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield's self-administered medication policy devalues member and provider choice and compromises patients' health.

NICA opposes any policies that aim to move a patient away from their therapy prescribed by their provider to an insurer-preferred therapy for reasons other than health or safety. Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield’s self-administered medication policy would force providers and patients into a one-size-may-fit-some approach which precludes the practice of personalized medicine.

NICA sent letters to the largest employers in Arkansas that utilize BlueCross BlueShield regarding their self-administration policy. You can view those letters below.

Read our Letter to Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield
Read our Letter to the Chief Human Resources Officer for Windstream
Read NICA's Letter to University of Arkansas
Read NICA's Letter to JB Hunt
Read NICA's Letter to Georgia Pacific
Read NICA's Letter to Baptist Health
Read NICA's Letter to Arkansas Children's Hospital

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