Infusible Medication Pipeline

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    Are you tired of being caught off-guard by patients asking for a new medication on the market that you’ve never heard of? Well, we’ve got some good news…

    NICA publishes quarterly pipeline reports! We have two late-stage pipeline reports, one for IV/injectable medications and one for IV/inj. biosimilars. Both reports capture “late-stage” products, including those: in Phase III clinical trials, that have been filed for approval, that have been approved, and that have come to market. The late-stage IV/inj. report captures both primary and secondary indications. We also release a change summary with each report to capture the changes since the previous quarter’s report.

    How could it get any better, you ask? Well, NICA paid-members get a discount!

    So, subscribe to the pipeline reports, sit back, and stay up-to-speed on new therapeutic options you could be administering in your infusion suite!

    Lead Goon, Team NICA


    This sounds like a wonderful resource!! When you state “come to the market”, are you speaking globally or just the U.S.?

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