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    So, as I type this we have a patient in our facility that came in smelling like they just hot boxed a dime bag of weed in a Volkswagen Van in the parking lot.

    I’m not kidding, it is stinking up our entire facility. This patient wasn’t scheduled at 4:20, but they clearly just ‘blazed it’ prior to their appointment.
    Marijuana is NOT legal in our state yet, and if this were Colorado I could understand there being a constant cloud of skunky smell.

    But other than turning on Pineapple Express, The Big Lebowski, or an old Cheech and Chong flick for them while they infuse, how would any of you handle this situation? I am seriously concerned about complaints from our other patients.

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    I feel for your situation Charlie. I have had a few patients come reeking of cologne which in turn caused discomfort to the patients and to myself. The smell lingered the entire day. After the patient(s) infused, I did discuss with them my concerns related to their use of cologne. All the patients I did discuss this with all now come for their infusions cologne free. I have done the same for those who smoke by asking them to avoid smoking for at least a half an hour before their infusion. If we had a patient reeking of weed, I would do the same. If it became problematic, I would discuss it with my co-horts and attempt to come to a different type of resolution. It maybe that we request the patient shower before arriving and avoid indulging 1 hour before arrival.

    The comforts of other patients and staff need to be protected. Symptoms of nausea, headaches, and faintness have all been displayed when exposed to high volumes of cologne and/or smoke scented patients. But all measures of brainstorming need to be had to come to a resolution so that all patients are content and happy in the room.


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