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    I have a question regarding infusion chairs. I am trying to find out if there are any regulations on the type of chair used. Can they be a recliner that is washable and with an auto lift for easy transfer? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Our infusion suites are in NC.


    Hi Michele, there are no regulations on the types of chairs used in an infusion suite. Most commonly vinyl recliners are used so that they can be easily cleaned. An addition of a tray tables is convenient for those patients receiving lengthy treatments. Some attachable tables are too small or difficult to manipulate therefore testing the various types of attachable tables is important when making a decision to purchase an infusion chair. In our unit, we decided to forgo the attachable table and use bedside rolling tables. They are larger, easier to manipulate and most of all adjust up and down for different levels of use.

    There are “infusion chairs” are specifically designed to meet the comforts of an infusion patient. Some even have attachable electronic screens to connect to wi-fi and/or watch TV. I’ve attached a sample of such a chair. By googling “infusion chairs” you can find some interesting choices.

    Choosing the perfect chair for you unit is dependent upon your budget, space, and types of infusion patients i.e. chemo or biologics etc. Your chemo patients deserve the best you can offer as they have lengthy treatments and are returning quite frequently. Making their infusion experience is key to making the patient comfortable enough to want to return for their treatment.


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