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    Who can prepare IV medications in a physician office-based infusion center? We are in GA, and the GA Board of Pharmacy allows for “Practitioner Dispensing” of medications. However, does the practitioner need to prepare those IV medications, or can that be done by an assistant? Does the practitioner need to directly supervise the person preparing / compounding the IV medications? I am specifically wondering for situations when a Pharmacist is not present, and the person compounding is a Pharmacy Tech.


    Hello! Your BOP statues should specify the supervision required for a pharmacy tech to prepare infusion medications. I have researched this for other states and found that per their scope of practice regulations, if a pharmacy tech is mixing the IV meds they required pharmacist supervision. However, an infusion nurse can prepare IV meds and no pharmacist involvement is necessary as it is within the RN scope of practice to prepare and administer parenteral medications (with varying levels of provider supervision based on the circumstances). Of course, always check with your state regulatory agencies and nurse practice acts to be sure you are in compliance! I hope that is helpful! Feel free to email me at kaitey.morgan@infusioncenter.org if you run into regulatory issues with this, as we have lots of experience navigating this same issue in other states.

    Kaitey Morgan, RN, BSN, CRNI
    Director of Quality & Standards, NICA

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