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    Hello everyone,

    I was looking into an easy and reliable refrigerator monitoring solution for a client with multiple locations (infusion centers) and was wondering if anyone had found a good solution besides peaking your head in the fridge door every hour and seeing if it was still cold enough?


    I use a temp alert monitor in my medication fridge and it will send me an e-mail alert when the fridge is out the parameters I have defined. The monitor also alerts me when it returns to normal.


    Thank you,

    Do you mind sharing with me what system that is that you use? I am looking at a few different ones on the market and will be writing a blog post next week. Would love to have some actual user input.


    Found these two companies with really good solutions. Would love to have some feedback from anyone who has experience with either one of these.



    Good to know that there are stand alone temp solutions. We are in the process if implementing a full refrigeration solution from our distributor which includes temp monitoring along with coded security and RFID in a refrigerator package. I can let you know how this packaged solution works out in a few months.


    We went with the MONNIT system and have had it now for a couple of months. $39 per year and I can access it from anywhere. It emails me when we have a power outage. Easy to setup and install.

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