Resuscitation Equipmment in a Suite

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    Can you share what resuscitation equipment you use, if any, in your infusion suite.

    We are considering setting up AIC with an AED and Ambu bag. With said, we are trying to vet out the liability we would have
    by having these two items ( AED and Ambu bag) to each suite.

    Would you please share what you are doing in your infusion suite.

    Also, is there any specific site I should reference for more detailed info on this topic

    Thank you !!


    Christine A. Stege, RN MBA
    Director, Clinical Operations


    Hi Christine,
    We have 3 infusion suites and each of them has an AED and ambu bag. I was not here when the discussion was had regarding the liability etc. but I believe our malpractice people were contacted for input on this and the determination was made that we need to have them available. With that said, there are some issues to take into consideration. My understanding is that every state has laws or regulations in place for each location that has an AED. When writing our emergency/AED policy I googled SC Laws for AEDs and made our policy comply with that (we have to have a named AED liaison, follow manufacturer instructions for AED/pad checks, record those checks etc.) Our emergency policy includes all of the above and also addresses the steps to take when notifying EMS (one of our offices is large and hard to find so we specify who needs to go outside, who needs to be responsible for notifying a physican who is on the other side of the building etc). Twice a year I send an email to the entire organization reminding them of where the AEDs are located in each office and our EMS protocol. Once a year I have our CPR instructor ( who is a paramedic) come and talk to my nurses about emergency procedures, what helps when notifying EMS etc. (this is over and above CPR training). We have had to call EMS twice in the past year and this training has served us well (we haven’t had to use the AED).
    We do not keep any ACLS drugs on hand because we are not ACLS certified. However, we do have epipens, IV supplies and solumedrol, of course. I have also recently rewritten our reaction protocol and made it more specific.
    I’d be happy to share any policies or further thoughts on this.

    Karen McKerihan, NP-C
    Infusion Director
    Articularis Healthcare


    Do you mind sharing your reaction management protocol?


    Sure. I am attaching it.


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