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We know how tricky finding good health insurance solutions can be for your center and staff. Take Command Health makes it easy and their team provides helpful resources to help you take full advantage of healthcare benefits.

With affordable, flexible options Take Command has solutions for Infusion Centers, Individual Owners and Instructors that will help you explore all health plan options thoroughly and make health plan reimbursements a breeze. NICA members are eligible for 15% discount on Take Command plans and services! Click here to learn more about our partnership with Take Command Health and schedule a time to speak with one of their team members on the NICA benefit site.

4Med Online Continuing Education is designed to meet the needs of busy industry professionals. Training is provided self-paced, on-demand or via live instructor-led webinar workshops. All courses are accredited for nurses, physicians and physician assistants. Select courses are also accredited for college students, coders and others. Each course includes exams, certificates, CE and professional seals!

NICA Members are eligible for a 25% discount on 4Med approved courses. To receive your discount and begin taking training courses today, please email Morgan Grubbs for a discount code and click here to checkout.

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Metro Medical, a Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions company, is an industry leader in providing specialty distribution and pharmacy services to healthcare providers nationwide. 

With years of experience, they combine distribution and group purchasing organization (GPO) capabilities to deliver unmatched service and optimal efficiency for their customers. Metro Medical provides an experienced and dedicated sales representative to each account, responsible for maintaining the highest level of customer service and assistance in maximizing contracts for their customers. GPO members benefit from the ability to negotiate pricing on drugs and relevant services, ensuring greater purchasing power with pharmaceutical manufacturers and other supplies. 

Metro Medical offers an Inventory Management Solution that helps practices like yours streamline the management of one of your largest assets – inventory – while ensuring critical medications are available when patients need them. Due to increases in specialty drug costs this drives the demand for effective inventory management and analytical solutions, as specialty care providers work to improve quality and performance. Their technology team continues to add new features and enhancements that not only help you care for patients, but save you time and money.

To learn more please visit


NeuroNet GPO is a pioneering group purchasing organization dedicated to supporting the vibrancy and long-term viability of neurology practices. Today, neurologists face unprecedented practice pressures as they navigate an increasingly complex financial, operating and regulatory environment. Our specialty is seeing innovations in therapies and care delivery models, yet many practices are having difficulty realizing the full benefits for their patients and the community.

Founded by neurology practice leaders, NeuroNet brings neurology-specific practice management expertise and partnerships to support member clinics. We are harnessing the collective power of our community to gain access to therapies, competitively priced pharmaceuticals and supplies, and services to improve financial and operating performance. Among the services NeuroNet members gain access to are: Infusion management services; In-office pharmacy; Inventory management; Revenue cycle management analytics; Managed care and practice management consulting.

Join NeuroNet GPO to begin realizing the benefits for your patients and your practices.

Visit to learn more today!


Calpion is a healthcare IT services company with capabilities in Big Data, BI, Analytics, IOT and mHealth.  Calpion offers deep expertise in Microsoft .NET, open source – Java, Angular , Hadoop and cloud – Azure and AWS technologies. Industry applications that Calpion has worked on over the years include – EMR/EHR, Hospital Information Systems, EDIS, Patient Portals, Claims/Benefits Administration Systems and mHealth Applications.

Calpion solves challenges in implementing data driven healthcare solutions for Accountable Care, Population Health, Quality Reporting and RCM Analytics with our strong technical capabilities and healthcare domain expertise. Calpion provides custom software application development services to its healthcare customers which includes health systems, hospitals, free standing ERs and other specialty clinics as well as health plans. Calpion, through its Revenue Cycle services arm HealthPay offers a broad range of RCM services to its provider customers, this includes medical billing, coding and AR follow-up and collection services. Calpion has delivered several successful projects for leading healthcare organizations such as BCBS TX, United Health Group, Emblem Health and Affinity Health.

Anodyne Patient Payment

Leveraging our strong technical capabilities and years of experience in healthcare RCM, Calpion has developed Anodyne, a solution which allows “painless patient payments”. Anodyne allows automated, advanced analytics based, rules driven communication with patients covering a variety of uses cases related to patient financial obligations and also supports processing of patient payments through a secured, HIPAA complaint payment gateway. Anodyne drastically reduces human effort in patient communication and can result in significant cost reductions and improvements in patient satisfaction.

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Outcome Health has been educating patients since 2006 and impacts 500 million visits a year, across over 55,000 physician practices, and partners with 84 leading digital content publishers to deliver curated patient education to waiting and exam rooms across the country.

Through partnership with NICA, Outcome Health will deliver leading information produced by NICA to relevant rheumatology and neurology infusion rooms by way of Outcome Health’s infusion room tablets. The partnership also offers Outcome Health’s suite of digital educational platforms to NICA’s US members in practice at no cost, with the goal of delivering important educational content and digital resources to patients and physicians for use before and during the consultation. Click here to learn more about this opportunity today!


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