The answers to these forum FAQs should help you become a successful member of the Infusion Confusion community.

NICA believes that by creating a platform where questions can be openly asked and answered, where discussion can lead to growth and change, we can strengthen this community and garner additional support for this unique corner of the healthcare world. We want to help connect healthcare providers and office administrators who work in the infusion delivery channel with one another. So please share your questions, your advice and your experience! Let’s help one another to create a better patient experience and to continue improving in our effort to provide high quality care.

This community is intended to be used by office-based infusion providers and office administrators who work in Infusion Centers exclusively. If you aren’t certain whether you fall into this category, please contact our team using the website’s contact form.

In order to read and participate in discussion, you must be a registered user. To sign up, click here.

Within the Infusion Confusion Community, we have created a number of unique forums which are focused around specific categories (e.g. Billing and Coding, Clinical Corner, Resource Requests, etc.). Within each of these forums you will find various discussions, or topics, which focus on subjects within that category.

While several conversations and topics are open to all infusion center staff, many of our forums are restricted to NICA members only. If you are interested in learning more about provider memberships, click here.

When you click on a forum title, you will be redirected to a list of all open topics within that category. You can do a keyword search using the bar at the top of the page, or simply scroll through to select topics which sound relevant to your needs. From within the topic you can read and reply to ask questions or contribute your own thoughts.

Before creating a new topic please be sure that there isn’t an existing post that touches on your question.

When you enter the main forum room for a particular category, you will see a list of all existing topics. If you don’t find a topic that is specifically relevant to your question, you can create a new topic at the bottom of the page. Enter your question or a discussion title in the “Topic Title” box and include a brief explanation in the main topic body.

If you find that you have questions that don’t seem to fit under any of the existing categories and have a suggestion for a new addition to our list of forums, please post your suggestion here and a member of our team will get back to you.

You may add an attachment to your post or embed video/graphics if it pertains to your question or comment. Please keep in mind, however, that we need posts to be relevant and uplifting. Let’s keep it positive!

Using tags will help other members of the community find your post when they are searching. These tags will also help search engines like Google to discover your post so that providers who aren’t members of the community can connect with the forum.

Yes! To reply privately, click “Reply” as you normally would and mark the box that says “Set as private reply.” Please keep in mind that site administrators and moderators will also be able to view private replies.

If you see a posting that you feel is in violation of our Code of Conduct or is otherwise inappropriate, click “Report” at the top right of the post and a moderator will review and address the situation.

Members of the NICA team provide moderation for all forum discussions, answering questions, providing insight and monitoring for misconduct.

We have also recruited a number of professionals with specific expertise to facilitate conversation and answer questions as appropriate.

Absolutely. There are several ways to receive updates on forums and topics that particularly interest you. In order to receive updates whenever there is a new post or reply in a forum or topic, click subscribe at the top right of the page. You will receive an email update whenever there is new activity if you subscribe to a discussion or category. You can also favorite individual topics to keep them in your profile dashboard. If you want to specifically receive emails when other members reply and comment on your post, be sure to select “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” when you first create your post.

Unfortunately our forum platform only allows participants to edit or delete their own posts for up to an hour after the initial posting. If you realize that you need to edit or delete a post, you can reply to your post asking a moderator for assistance and a member of the team will assess the situation and determine what changes can be made.

Great! Before you start posting in the forums, please review our community rules & code of conduct post. Once you have read the posts, please reply to the code of conduct post and let us know that you agree to uphold our community values and understand consequences for misconduct.

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