NICA to Host Inaugural Meeting in Austin, TX

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Welcome to Austin, Infusion Industry Leaders!

Join us June 21-June 22 for the inaugural National Infusion Center Association (NICA) meeting at the beautiful JW Marriott in downtown Austin, Texas.

Spend two days with infusion experts from across the country as they address the most pressing challenges in the infusion industry and discuss how to preserve and advance this important healthcare delivery channel.

Hosted by the National Infusion Center Association (NICA), the nation’s non-profit advocacy voice for office-based infusion centers, this conference will be a unique opportunity to network and learn from clinicians, practice managers, advocates and other professionals who play a role in the in-office infusion industry.


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Friday, June 21 Agenda

Exhibitor Set Up

8 a.m.-9 a.m.


8 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Breakout Session: Billing for In-Office Infusions

10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Keynote Speaker Lunch

11:45 a.m.-1 p.m.

Breakout Sessions: 1:15 p.m.-2:15 p.m.

  • Payor Perspective Panel
  • Infusion Regulatory Landscape

Afternoon Break

2:15 p.m.-3:15 p.m.

Breakout Sessions: 3:15 p.m.-4:15 p.m.

  • Advocating for Access to Care
  • Challenges Facing In-Office Infusion

Cocktail Reception with Exhibitors

5 p.m.-7 p.m.

On-Site and Off-Site Dinners (locations vary)

7:30 p.m.-9 p.m.

Saturday, June 22 Agenda


7 a.m.-8 a.m.


7 a.m.-8 a.m.

Breakout Sessions: 8 a.m.-10 a.m.

  • Payor Relations Panel
  • Value-Based Payment Models
  • USP 797 and In-Office Infusion

Morning Break

10 a.m.-11 a.m.

Breakout Sessions: 11 a.m.-12 p.m.

  • Best and Worst Practices When Running a Successful Infusion Center
  • Changes in the Reimbursement and Regulatory Landscape

ILUMYA™ Product Theater & Meet NICA: 12-1 p.m.

Lunch with Exhibitors

1 p.m.-2 p.m.

Breakout Sessions: 2 p.m.-4 p.m.

  • Ensuring Quality of In-Office Infusion Services
  • Accepting Outside Referrals
  • Infusing Ketamine
  • Future of Infusion

Afternoon Break and Prize Giveaways

4 p.m.-5 p.m.

Exhibitor Tear Down

5 – 8 p.m.

Closing Reception at Uncle Julio’s

6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.

Breakout Sessions and Speakers

Topic: This session will focus on best practices and common challenges with in-office infusion billing.

Speaker: Christine Mann, MBA, COO and Director of Infusion Operations at DENT Neurologic Institute

Topic: This discussion involves a representative of commercial insurance company who will speak about the payor perspective on the current state of the infusion delivery channel and how they see the office-based infusion delivery channel moving forward.


  • Paul Hain, M.D., CMO, and President of Market Delivery at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

Topic: This panel will discuss the in-office infusion regulatory landscape, regulatory issues, and necessary reform to support sustainability and expansion of in-office infusion.


  • Margaret Hillman, JD, Healthcare Practice Group at Polsinelli
  • Jennifer Rangel, JD, Healthcare Regulatory and Transactional Partner at Locke Lorde
  • Shannon Wiley, JD, Member at Bass, Berry & Sims, PLC

Topic: This panel discussion will revolve around best practices in advocating for patient access to in-office infusion


  • Kathleen Arntsen, President and CEO of the Lupus and Allied Diseases Association, Inc (LADA)
  • Madelaine Feldman, M.D., Rheumatologist at the Rheumatology Group and President of the Coalition of State Rheumatology Organizations (CSRO)
  • Adam Taliaferro, JD, State Advocacy and Alliance Development at Bristol-Myers Squibb


Brian Nyquist, MPH, Executive Director of National Infusion Center Association (NICA)

Topic: This panel discussion will focus on the challenges faced by in-office infusion providers in the current healthcare landscape.


  • Brady Clark, Vice President of Business Development at Altus Infusion
  • Kari Kalgren, Director of K2 Health Strategies
  • Julie Krause, MEd, COO at Denver Arthritis Clinic
  • Kaitey Morgan, RN, BS, CRNI, Director of Clinical Operations at OI Infusion Services

Topic: This panel will focus on the principles of payor relations, fee schedule management, contracting, credentialing, negotiations, etc.


  • Jane Clayton, Director Managed Care Contracting at McKesson
  • Kim Farley, MSM, COO at eBlu Solutions
  • Greg Mitchell, JD, Executive Vice President of Business Development and General Counsel at Healix, Inc.
  • Elida Pettyjohn, Credentialing Account Manager at Catalyst Consulting


Gary Cooper, MHA, Executive Chairman of Palmetto Infusion Services

Topic: This session will focus on value-based payment models. Current models, models under consideration, how the transition to value-based payment models may reshape the in-office infusion landscape will be among the topics of discussion.

Speaker: Ira Klein, MD, MBA, Senior Director of Healthcare Quality at Johnson & Johnson

Topic: This session will focus on USP 797 regulations specifically related to compounding, what regulations do and do not apply to offices, and other related updates on the subject.

Speaker: Connie Sullivan, RPh, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Home Infusion Association (NHIA)

Topic: This panel will discuss the best practices and challenges of running a successful infusion practice.


  • Ashley Beall, MD, FACR, Medical Director at ARISE Infusion Therapy Services
  • David Evans, MBA, CEO of Texas Neurology
  • Doug Ghertner, MBA, CEO of Infusion Express
  • Ethel Owen, CPPM, CPC, Practice Administrator at Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates of Palm Beach

Topic: This panel will discuss the current market forces and dynamics in the regulatory and reimbursement landscapes that threaten the sustainability and expansion of the in-office infusion delivery channel.


  • David Hannah, Health Care Policy and Advocacy Director at Johnson & Johnson
  • Jayson Slotnik, JD, Partner at Health Policy Strategies, LLC
  • Caitlin Wilson, JD, Manager of Government Relations at Cardinal Health


Brian Nyquist, MPH, Executive Director of National Infusion Center Association (NICA)

Topic: This panel will focus on quality measures, key indicators of quality, and targets to maximize quality and clinical outcomes.


  • Kristin Borowski, MPP, Senior Manager, Federal Executive Branch Strategy and State Government Affairs at Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Chuck DiTrapano, RPh, President of
  • Monisha Sharma, RN, Infusion Clinical Director at Arise Infusion Therapy Services
  • Julie Williams, RN, BS, MBA, Vice President of Clinical Operations at Altus Infusion

Topic: This panel will discuss best practices for accepting external referrals for infusion services. This includes marketing, patient integration, and optimization of workflow.


  • Gary Cooper, MHA, Executive Chairman of Palmetto Infusion Services
  • Brenda Brouillette, RN, Principal of Savvy Marketing Solution
  • Charlie Schadewald, CEO of Wasatch Infusion

Topic: This session will focus on the evolution of IV Ketamine, indications, and integration into the infusion delivery channel

Speaker: Ray Callas, M.D., FASA, Owner of Kare Infusion Center

Topic: This panel will discuss the current infusion landscape and what the future may hold for in-office infusion.


  • Dan Duran, SVP, GM Provider Solutions at Cardinal Health
  • Mark Elliott, MSHCA, President of Altus Infusion
  • Bryan Johnson, President of the Board at the National Infusion Center Association (NICA)
  • Brian Nyquist, MPH, Executive Director of the National Infusion Center Association (NICA)

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We Look Forward to Seeing You in Austin!

About Us

National Infusion Center Association (NICA) is a nonprofit organization founded to improve patient access to in-office infusion. Since its inception in 2010, NICA has worked to support infusion patients and their office-based care settings through advocacy, education and resource development. As the only organization dedicated to preserving patient access to provider-administered parenteral medications in more economical and accessible alternatives to hospital sites of care, NICA strives to: connect infusion providers and patients with the resources they need; collaborate with stakeholders to develop all-win solutions; and advocate on behalf of this historically underrepresented patient group.


Thank you for your interest in NICA. We are eager to connect with you and to discuss the exciting work of increasing patient access to infusible and injectable therapies.

If you have questions or concerns, please send us an email and a member of our team will contact you shortly.


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