We strive to provide relevant, high-value infusion resources for our members to improve their ability to effectively educate, support and care for patients. These resources have been developed with the input and expertise of experienced Infusion Center operators who have a vision for the future of office-based medication delivery. Below are the resources and tools we have developed specifically for the community and our members. Some of these resources are for members only. An NICA Provider Membership supports and our ability to create resources so that we can continue to provide these valuable tools. Please sign up for our NICA newsletter to stay up-to-date.

COVID-19 Antibody Therapy Resource Center page
COVID-19 Antibody Therapy Locator
COVID-19 Guidance and Resource Toolkit
Minimum Standards for In-Office Infusion
InfusionConfusion Community
Advocacy Toolkit
Natural Disaster Resources and Support
Infusion Center Locator
Starting an Infusion Center
Provider Membership
Member Resource Center
Educational Resources

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