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NICA collaborated with Eli Lilly & Regeneron to develop in-depth guidance about the COVID-19 antibody therapies currently available under EUA. Click the tile above to view the playbooks.

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Prescribers can use our COVID-19 Locator Tool to find infusion centers administering COVID-19 antibody therapies. If results do not populate for your state, please try widening the search radius.

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COVID Antibody Therapy Resource Center Disclaimer

The National Infusion Center Association (NICA) developed these materials to help promote safe, efficient, and responsible use of COVID-19 infusion therapies. We encourage you to print, copy, distribute, transmit and otherwise use these materials; however, we ask that you credit NICA and/or the Infusion Access Foundation (IAF) appropriately. If materials/content are modified in any way, the NICA logo must be removed and attribution for content given as follows: 

“Adapted from materials developed by the National Infusion Center Association” (or Infusion Access Foundation, as appropriate).

In anticipation of several COVID-19 antibody therapies receiving Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA, the National Infusion Center Association (NICA) has been working closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers and governmental partners at Operation Warp Speed to ensure healthcare providers have the resources needed to safely and appropriately prescribe and administer these products


These resources are intended for reference only and do not replace proper training and competency validation. Clinicians involved in preparing and administering parenteral products should only do so after receiving education and demonstrating competency in the activity per organizational policy. These resources are intended to guide best practice and support—not supersede— regulations and requirements from applicable oversight agencies including but not limited to state/local health departments, departments of professional licensure, or other regulatory bodies.