January 2020 Message from the Director

Hello and happy New Year

As we start a new decade with our 10-year anniversary, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support in advancing our mission to ensure that our nation’s most vulnerable citizens have access to office-administered intravenous and injectable medications. We experienced continued growth of our advocate network in 2019, and look forward to the ongoing empowerment of patients and providers in this complex and growing infusion landscape.

Last year marked a year of firsts for our organization. In June, we hosted the inaugural NICA Annual Meeting in our hometown of Austin, Texas, where an expert lineup of speakers and panelists spearheaded thirteen breakout sessions to provide industry professionals with information, best practices, and innovation in the infusion space. Almost 550 infusion stakeholders attended, over 50 companies exhibited, and everyone shared their organization’s contributions to the landscape, setting the bar high for our upcoming 2020 Annual Meeting. Registration for the highly anticipated event is already filling up due to the overwhelming success of our inaugural event.

In 2019, NICA also added two new team members to the family. Ms. Ashley Kana joined us as our new Development Program Coordinator to spearhead efforts for what is perhaps NICA’s largest and most innovative resource, the Infusion Center Locator. With its consistent expansion, this resource continues to connect patients across the nation with the infusion providers who are best able to meet their needs. Additionally, Mrs. Cristina Threlkeld joined us this winter as our new Marketing and Communications Coordinator. She works to produce and disseminate relevant content to patients, providers, and the infusion community at large. As our team continues to grow, so does our voice when it comes to preserving, optimizing, and expanding patient access to provider-administered medications.

In terms of travel and advocacy, we had another fruitful year propelling our initiative and ideas forward while also shedding light on current issues in the industry. Members of our team attended several conferences, including the NORM Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the RNS Conference in Orlando, Florida, the IgNS Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the CMSC Conference in Seattle, Washington.

NICA surpassed many goals and milestones in 2019, and as we stand at the start of 2020, we are excited to continue that work into the next decade. We are diligently working on the planning and execution of our 2020 Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas, and continue to build out and exemplify our infusion center standards as a valuable resource to all those across the industry. In addition, we will be adding additional reporting functions to the Infusion Center Locator as it has proven to be a treasured source for patients and providers alike.

The adventures in advocating for patient access are neverending, and we look forward to working with you in 2020. Be sure you are subscribed to our newsletters and following us on social media. The entire NICA Family wishes you and yours a healthy New Year!

Thank you for your support,

Brian Nyquist, MPH

Executive Director, National Infusion Center Association

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