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OR SBB 844: Upper Pricing Limit

Oregon lawmakers have proposed legislation, SB 844, that would create a Prescription Drug Affordability Board responsible for establishing Upper Payment Limits (UPLs). Although we applaud OR lawmakers for attempting to address patient drug costs, this legislation would hinder patient access by disrupting the economics of OR infusion centers.

Take a stand.

Providers, let your representatives know why Oregon SB 844 would harm your practice and patient access.

When you fill out the form, you can let your representatives know how this bill would negatively affect your practice. You can even customize your email and tweet to reflect the impacts on your practice specifically.

Take it a final step further and call your representatives to urge them to rethink this harmful action.

Sample Letter from Provider to Elected Official

Providers: send a letter to your representative(s) to express your concerns with Oregon SB844 Upper Pricing Limit.

NICA Letter to the Oregon Joint Ways & Means Committee

In this letter, we express our concerns with Oregon SB 844. While the board believes this change will cause affordability for Oregon patients and the healthcare system, NICA highlights that the UPL proposal would not only fail to achieve this goal, but it would also harm the vulnerable patient population it intends to serve.

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