Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Guidebooks and Other CmAb Resources

Welcome! NICA has collaborated with various pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop in-depth guidance about the COVID-19 antibody therapies currently available under Emergency Use Authorization. Links to additional resources on external sites can also be found here.

Regeneron Guidebook Tile
Regeneron Casirivimab + Imdevimab Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Guidebook

NICA collaborated with Regeneron to develop this playbook with in-depth information about Casirivimab + Imdevimab.

Important Notice: On June 25, 2021, the FDA is immediately pausing all distribution of bamlanivimab and etesevimab together and etesevimab alone (to pair with existing supply of bamlanivimab at a facility for use under EUA 094) on a national basis until further notice.

Lilly Bam + Est Playbook Tile
Eli Lilly Bamlanivimab + Etesevimab Playbook
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Multilingual COVID resources
Multilingual COVID-19 Resources

The CDC has developed the COVID-19 Communication Toolkit: For Migrants, Refugees, and Other Limited-English-Proficient Populations in various languages. Resources are available in Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Hmoob (Hmong), Af Soomaali (Somali), and Vietnamese.

Operation Warp Speed Tile
Operation Warp Speed

Learn more about the ongoing effects to develop and distribute COVID-19 therapeutics.

CDC Tile
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Website

MedWatch Tile
Report an Adverse Event to MedWatch

Healthcare providers must submit a report on all medication errors and all serious adverse events potentially related to COVID-19 antibody therapy.

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