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Potential Changes to the South Carolina Tax Code Will Impact SC Infusion Providers

NICA is concerned with a proposed change to the South Carolina tax code, S.C. Code § 12-26-2120(80), found in Section 14 in H 3392. Effectively, this code change would render only 75% of biologic and injectable drug sales eligible for exemption from the state’s sales tax. This would result in an unfair tax burden on the state’s infusion providers.

Speak out.

Providers, ask your representatives to think of your infusion practice when considering Section 14 of H 3392, which would allow the state to impose a sales tax on 25% of the gross sale of provider-administered injectable medications and biologics.

NICA's Letter to South Carolina Representatives

In this letter, we express our concerns with the proposed changes to the South Carolina tax code and how this change would negatively impact the state’s infusion providers.

Sample Letter from Provider to Elected Official

Providers: Download and customize this sample letter to send to your representative and let them know how the proposed change to the South Carolina tax code would hurt patient access to life-saving medications by jeopardizing the viability of non-hospital, community-based infusion centers.

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