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A specialty pharmacy mandate is an insurer policy that requires beneficiaries to acquire and pay for some or all medical benefit drugs through a specialty pharmacy bypassing the traditional buy-and-bill model. Once paid for in-full (generally, by the patient), the specialty pharmacy then either ships the drug to the infusion center directly ("white bagging") or ships the drug directly to the patient's home who then brings the drug to the infusion center for the appointment ("brown bagging"). Due to unknown storage and handling conditions, infusion providers generally do not accept "brown bagged" medications.

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Use our template letter below, but make sure to personalize to fit your practice’s particular situation.

Let your patient's employer know the harm caused by benefit plans with specialty pharmacy mandates.

Download and use these talking points when talking to lawmakers. Make sure to ask what statutory protections your representatives can offer your practice as well as others in your state.

This sample letter is meant to serve as a guide, and the talking points provided are examples. Be sure to include your personal experience.

Send a letter to a prescribing clinician about specialty pharmacy mandates.

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