NICA Supporter Spotlight

We are proud to partner with healthcare providers, practice managers, and other industry leaders from across the country who share our passion for protecting patients’ access to high-quality infusion therapies. Below are just a few of the exemplary NICA members and supporters who are dedicated to protecting patients’ access to infusion care.

Meet Amy

Over the course of her fourteen-year career as an infusion nurse, Amy Arredondo, R.N. has formed strong connections with her patients and a desire that they all have access to the infusion therapy they need.

Meet Gary

Growing up, he wanted to be the governor of South Carolina, however, Gary’s passion for healthcare led him to the infusion industry and catalyzed the founding of Palmetto Infusion Services.

Meet Chuck

When Chuck DiTrapano, RPh was a pharmacy manager for a 700-bed teaching hospital, he observed his colleagues struggling with providing consistent, standardized care to a large volume of patients. Now, he is the founder and President of RxTOOLKIT

Meet Donna

When she isn’t moderating our Infusion Confusion Forum, Donna Lussier is busy providing infusion therapies to her patients across four centers in New Hampshire.

Meet Christine

As Chief Operating Officer of DENT Neurologic Institute, the largest neurology outpatient practice in the country, Christine Mann, MBA, has found a place where her passion for patient satisfaction and operational efficiency can flourish.

Meet Kaitey

As the daughter of an infusion nurse, Kaitey Morgan felt a strong calling to care for patients with chronic illnesses at a young age. As the director of clinical operations at OI Infusion Services, Kaitey works with many infusion providers to help them meet and exceed the highest standards of infusion care.

Meet Katie

Katie’s passion for health policy, coupled with first-hand knowledge of the hurdles faced by patients with autoimmune diseases, has catalyzed her career as the director of patient access and experience at Infusion Express.

Meet Keny

Over a decade ago, Keny Urbina got her start in the infusion industry as a prior authorization specialist and quickly developed a passion for guiding patients and providers through the barriers of access to care and reimbursement.

NICA Supporter Spotlight

Do you know of a hard-working nurse, physician, practice manager, or other industry leaders who works tirelessly for infusion centers and their patients? Let us know! Email Amy Rios, marketing and communications coordinator, at

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