Non-Medical Switching Graphic Title

With the intention of maximizing insurance profits, non-medical switching actually increases the clinical and financial burden of disease for patients and the healthcare system overall.

Attention patients and providers! UHC is planning to implement a new strategy that will force patients who are clinically stable on the right medication to switch medications for reasons unrelated to health or safety (known as non-medical switching). Here, you can view letters of concern from NICA and IAF, as well as customizable template letters to let your representatives know of your concerns.

Take a stand.

If you are worried about UHC’s harmful strategy and how it will affect your ability to treat your patients and their ability to manage disease, we encourage you to send a letter sharing your concerns.

We have set up a campaign with a general template letter but we encourage you to customize it. Sharing your story and/or explaining how this will directly affect your practice will help your letter have a greater impact.

Patients: Has your insurance company ever forced you to switch your medication to a “preferred drug"?

We have provided a template for contacting your representatives. Please be sure to personalize your letter. Thank you for taking action against this harmful practice!

NICA and IAF Letter to UHC

NICA and IAF explain the dangerous practice of non-medical switching and how it devalues member and provider choice with harmful effects.

Sample Letter from Patient to Elected Official

This sample letter is a guide, and the talking points provided are examples. Be sure to include your personal experiences to help your representative understand the way this impacts you.

Sample Letter from Provider to Elected Official

Providers: send a letter to your representative to express your concerns with non-medical switching.