Infusing Change To Unlock a Better Future in Healthcare

Our Mission

To step up. Speak up. And sometimes, disrupt. We stand as champions for standards of excellence, uncompromising quality and safety, and equitable access to life-changing biologic infusion medications for those who need it most. And we are determined to create a world where infusion centers — including ambulatory, office, pharmacy-based centers, and other outpatient care settings in which these medications are prepared and provider-administered — may serve as a safe, streamlined, and economically viable alternative to hospital settings. We infuse positive change to unlock the future of healthcare.

Welcome To NICA

The National Infusion Center Association (NICA) is an independent non-profit trade association and accredited standards developer. We are dedicated to representing non-hospital infusion providers and outpatient care settings where provider-administered biologics and other specialty medications are prepared and administered.

We Work To:

Preserve and expand patient access to non-hospital infusion providers.

Reduce disparities in safety and quality standards across care settings.

Protect providers’ ability to sustain operational viability by identifying and overcoming internal and external threats.

Protect the buy-and-bill model and ensure appropriate and sustainable reimbursement.

Build relationships with key influencers and decision-makers who can bring value to providers, patients, and payors.

Collaborate with stakeholders to develop all-win solutions to challenges that threaten access to infusion care across the country.

Advocate for responsible medical benefit reform.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Brian Nyquist, MPH


Christine Mann

Vice President

Dan McCarty


Connie Hartley


Josh Smith

Board Director

Charlie Schadewald

Board Director

Reece Norris, JD

Board Director

Why Join NICA?

We are committed to protecting and supporting non-hospital infusion centers so they can deliver excellent care to the vulnerable populations who are depending on it. We believe in a future in which people can access the provider-administered therapies they need in a safe, efficient, more cost-effective alternative to hospitals in their community.

Infusion Providers

Freestanding infusion centers, in-office infusion suites, pharmacy-based infusion centers, and other outpatient settings where patients receive provider-administered medications like infusions or injections. Ambulatory infusion providers are encouraged to become NICA members for unwavering support, advocacy, and representation when it matters most.

Corporate Partners

Organizations that manufacture provider-administered medications.

Industry Partners

Organizations that manufacture, sell, or distribute medical supplies, devices, or medications within the infusion industry.

Strategic Partners

Organizations that do not directly manufacture medications, supplies, or devices but provide ancillary products or services to infusion providers.

NICA Ambulatory Infusion Center of Excellence Accreditation Program

The Ambulatory Infusion Center of Excellence (AICE) prepares organizations for success in a rapidly changing market by:

  • Creating a complete standardized care delivery framework that focuses on consistent, high-value, cost-effective care and best practices;
  • Protecting patients by providing an objective measurement of high-quality infusion care; and
  • Promoting awareness to payers, patients, and referring prescribers.


We have developed infusion-specific resources to support ambulatory infusion centers in their mission to give patients safe, consistent, high-quality care.


We strive to empower infusion providers with solutions and resources to confidently advocate for the infusion industry. NICA encourages you to join us in our efforts to help infusion centers provide patients with the highest-quality, most cost-effective care.

Legislative Maps

Find out whether your state or the federal government has proposed or passed a law impacting infusion centers.

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Infusion Center Locator

Our Infusion Center Locator was created to improve access to provider-administered medications by providing an easy-to-navigate tool for referring providers and patients to find the infusion center that best meets their needs. Centers can add and maintain their listings to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information for patients.