Infusion Center Spotlight

NICA’s Infusion Center Spotlight aims to recognize the exemplary infusion providers who have supported NICA’s mission through Elite Provider Membership.

Infusion Solutions

March 1, 2024. This Infusion Center Spotlight highlights Infusion Solutions. Their focus is to create a better infusion experience for patients focused around four cornerstones: private, well-appointed rooms, heated massage recliners for our patients (and comfortable seating for their loved ones), a skilled team who is happiest making patients happy, and a cost that is less than half the cost of infusions at local hospitals.

FlexCare Infusion Centers

This Infusion Center Spotlight highlights FlexCare Infusion Centers – providing accessible, patient-centered infusion therapy services. Their aim to offer conveniently located clinics, consistent patient communication, and a swift referrals process has been their core mission since their beginning.

Infusion for Health

This Infusion Center Spotlight highlights Infusion for Health – a center that is committed to transforming and elevating patient care by providing services that are patient-focused, cost-effective, and compassionate.

Ivira Infusions

This Infusion Center Spotlight highlights Ivira Infusions – a center that is committed to providing the best healthcare possible. They help their patients achieve their health goals with the specialized pharmaceutical care that’s right for them. Their pursuit for excellence is rooted in every action and connection they make, to give people the health and wellness experience they deserve.

PURE Infusion Suites

This Infusion Center Spotlight highlights PURE Infusion Suites, an outpatient medical office that provides infusion and injection services in a private suite setting.

Palmetto Infusion

This Infusion Center Spotlight highlights Palmetto Infusion, an infusion practice with 25 locations across the South that provide comprehensive ambulatory and home-based infusion services to both acute and chronically ill patients.

MPP Infusion Centers®

This Infusion Center Spotlight highlights MPP Infusion Centers – a company designed by an infusion patient, for infusion patients. MPP is also one of the first infusion centers in the country to successfully administer COVID-19 antibody therapies to patients in their centers.

Metro Infusion Center

For over two decades, Metro Infusion Center has served its patients with a broad range of infusion therapies and biologics at half the cost of hospital-based care.

American Rheumatology Network

This Infusion Center Spotlight highlights American Rheumatology Network, a group purchasing organization with member practices across the nation. They are committed to improving healthcare by empowering independent rheumatology practices.

Digestive Disorders Associates

This Infusion Center Spotlight highlights Digestive Disorders Associates (DDA) a practice dedicated to caring for patients with gastrointestinal disorders and autoimmune diseases. They are committed to improving the health of those they serve with a commitment to excellence in all that they do.

Allergy A.R.T.S.

This Infusion Center Spotlight highlights Allergy A.R.T.S., an infusion center dedicated to pursuing the furthest reaches of medical knowledge in their delivery of care.

Paragon Healthcare, Inc.

This Infusion Center Spotlight highlights Paragon Healthcare, Inc. – a company dedicated to high-quality, personalized infusion care for their patients.

Wasatch Infusion

Our first Infusion Center Spotlight highlights the centers of one of NICA’s earliest and most engaged Provider Members: Wasatch Infusion.

IVX Health

IVX Health (formerly Infusion Express) was founded in 2012 on the belief that optimizing infusion site of care is more effective, less expensive, easier for physicians, and most importantly, better for patients.

The Elliot Lewis Center

This Infusion Center Spotlight highlights The Elliot Lewis Center (ELC), one of the largest comprehensive care centers for patients with multiple sclerosis in the metro Boston area and in all New England. The ELC offers state-of-the-art medical care, including diagnosis, symptom management, access to all approved disease-modifying treatments, social work, and the latest clinical research trials.

DENT Infusion Center

DENT Infusion Center provides its patients with personalized care in a comfortable atmosphere while being part of one of the most comprehensive neurologic centers in the United States.

Birmingham ID & Infusion

Birmingham I.D. & Infusion (BID) is an innovative infectious disease practice and infusion center located in Birmingham, Alabama. Led by a top-rated team of internists and infectious disease specialists, BID strives to work with each patient individually to provide the best care possible while also keeping costs to a minimum.

Specialty Infusion

Specialty Infusion is upgrading the standard of infusion and injection therapies for patients who have chronic and complex health conditions, and their top priority is to always provide a personalized and high-quality of care. The qualified and compassionate clinical team is what sets Specialty Infusion apart. With their low nurse-to-patient ratio, patients always receive personalized care from experienced staff. Specialty Infusion’s nurses and nurse practitioners are experts in infusion and injection administration who value patient’s comfort as much as the patient’s safety and well-being.

The Neurology Center of New England

The Neurology Center of New England was established in 2013, as a physician-owned and managed private practice located in Foxboro, MA. They are a comprehensive neurological care center devoted to the diagnosis, care and management of patients with neurological diseases, including Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Neuromuscular Disorders, and Migraines. They are a specialized MS Center and offer Physical Therapy services as well as Infusion services on-site.

First Choice Neurology

First Choice Neurology is the largest neurology group in the United States with more than 41 facilities in 6 Florida counties and services at 35 major hospitals. First Choice Neurology services patients with a variety of neurological conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, epilepsy, migraines, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular disorders, Parkinson’s disease, sleep disorders, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and more.