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Blog Understanding the Recent Surge in Investment Interest in the Infusion Industry
What’s behind the recent surge of investments into the infusion industry? The ambulatory infusion center (AIC) industry has seen a significant surge in investment in recent years. This trend is driven by a number of factors, including an aging population, an increase in chronic diseases, and a shift towards more cost-effective, out-of-hospital care. What Is Private Equity? Private equity is a broad term which generally refers to private investment funds that make investments in privately
Unifying Prior Authorization Data
The following post was authored in partnership with NICA partner, SamaCare. Prior authorizations are a burden across all specialties. In fact, in a 2022 survey by SamaCare, 91% of providers reported that prior authorizations have a “highly negative” or “somewhat negative” effect on patient care. Infusion centers face their own unique set of challenges when it comes to navigating the complex prior authorization landscape.  To begin, infusion centers typically deal with a high volume of
Optimizing Your Ambulatory Infusion Center Schedule
As the number of Americans living with chronic illnesses continues to grow and payers move forward with site-of-care optimization policies, the demand for ambulatory infusion centers (AIC) has exploded.  AICs offer many advantages to patients and providers while delivering vital treatment options for patients with a wide range of conditions, from cancer to Crohn’s disease. Running an AIC, however,  is not without its challenges. One of the biggest challenges we often hear about from AIC
Utilizing Vein Visualization Devices In Independent Infusion Centers
When it comes to utilizing vein visualization devices in independent infusion centers picking the right device for your needs is key. While not all ambulatory infusion centers utilize vein visualization devices, if your center is looking to  optimize patient experience, reduce complications, and increase efficiency you may want to consider implementing vein visualization devices. To find out why, let’s explore a situation that happened to me as a new infusion nurse.  While completing my initial
Sometimes, even seasoned healthcare professionals get hung up on the intricacies of the pharmacoeconomics of patient assistance programs. If you’re looking to brush up on the issues associated with patient out-of-pocket cost affordability, look no further.  We’ll start with some basics. “Patient Financial Assistance Programs” (PAP) are programs which may be offered by drug manufacturers, non-profit patient support foundations, Pharmacies, and other organizations. Insurance is a fundamental part of the health care delivery system, and
Vascular Access In the Independent Infusion Facility
Is growing your own vascular access program or outsourcing one the right choice for your infusion center? As an infusion clinician, we’ve all experienced those difficult-to-stick patients. Those patients who require every arrow in the quiver, every trick of the trade, every last bead of sweat, and every expended tear of frustration that wells in the eyes. Decreased patient satisfaction, increased supply costs, and loss of valuable time all add to the frustrations of both
The Importance of Infusion Standards of Care & Practice
As change and uncertainty continue to shape the healthcare industry, infusion centers and their leaders must continuously seek opportunities to champion the high-quality care they provide to their patients. As government, payor, and provider stakeholders seek to identify and promote high quality and cost-effective care settings, it is imperative for the infusion center community to invest the time and commitment towards developing industry best practices and standards. Fortunately, the importance of developing standards of practice

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