By joining NICA, you are aligning your organization with NICA and its mission, amplifying your voice within the infusion delivery channel. NICA Provider Members gain access to key resources and tools to better equip staff to provide quality care to more patients. Others in the industry can partner with NICA to demonstrate their commitment to infusion providers and engage with this growing community.

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We designed our membership and partnership programs to cater to every facet of the infusion industry.

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Learn why ambulatory infusion centers across the nation depend on NICA for access to the latest infusion news, resources, and advocacy opportunities.


NICA Partners are non-provider organizations looking for a strategic alliance and networking opportunities in the industry.

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You don’t have to be a NICA Provider Member to take advantage of this FREE resource to add or claim your center information to ensure that potential patients and referring providers are finding your office.

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We would not be where we are today without the valuable support and insight of our current members and partners. These organizations place the health and wellness of infusion patients above all else, helping us to advocate for treatment that remains high-quality and cost-effective.