NICA Partnership

NICA partners are organizations that work alongside infusion providers within the infusion industry.

We understand that you have a vested interest in the long-term success of infusion centers nationwide. The need for infusion centers will continue to rise as more medications are approved that require the skilled services of a safe and cost-effective infusion delivery model.

As a NICA partner, you will have a voice that allows you to remain highly engaged in the future success of ambulatory infusion centers. Partners have strategic networking opportunities with providers, plus a host of other mutually beneficial connections and invaluable sponsorships.

Partnership Benefits

Be seen

Your company logo on our website will link directly to your company website, and you’ll be featured on NICA’s Preferred Partners & Member Discounts page with the option to customize your content and offer discounts to NICA Provider Members.

Get Conference benefits

You’ll get discounts on exhibit booths, complimentary registrations and passes, on-site signage, and other promotional opportunities at NICA’s Annual Conference.

Engage with providers

As a NICA partner you have the opportunity to network with all of our infusion provider members, share sponsored content, and present webinars, creating valuable opportunities for your organization.

Inspire change

Your company will be seen as an active participant with an ongoing commitment to supporting community-based infusion providers and the overall viability of infusion centers through annual general mission support.

Are you an infusion provider?

Discover more about our NICA Infusion Provider membership program for details and benefits.