The Elliot Lewis Center

NICA’s Infusion Center Spotlight aims to recognize the exemplary infusion providers who have supported NICA’s mission through membership. Provider members operate stand-alone infusion centers that improve patients’ access to high-quality and cost-effective care in the communities they serve.

The Elliot Lewis Center (ELC) is a comprehensive care center for patients with multiple sclerosis.

History: The Elliot Lewis Center (ELC) is one of the largest multiple sclerosis centers in the metro Boston area and in all New England, offering state-of-the-art medical care, including diagnosis, symptom management, access to all approved disease-modifying treatments, social work, and the latest clinical research trials.

ELC has an independent, on-site infusion center for treatment with all approved multiple sclerosis disease-modifying therapies. ELC has MS-Certified nurses to educate and treat patients, and a dedicated infusion coordinator to review insurance benefits, enroll patients in financial assistance programs, schedule treatment and coordinate care with providers. Locating the infusion center within the multiple sclerosis center allows for streamlined access and care.

Mission: to provide state-of-the-art comprehensive, multidisciplinary care to patients with multiple sclerosis, their families, and caregivers in a personalized setting.

Services: Treatment for multiple sclerosis & other neurological diseases. Their MS-Certified Nurses provide patient education prior to treatment and can answer any questions during the infusion treatment. Physicians are on-site during infusions.

The ELC team believes accessible and affordable care is essential for patients. ELC handles the insurance investigations, authorizations, referrals, and appeals, when required. The team also assists patients in financial assistance enrollments.

Number of infusion chairs: 8

Number of treatments (IV/Injections) furnished annuallyApproximately 1,600 infusions per year.

Contact The Elliot Lewis Center:

  • 781-591-8300: main number
  • 781-591-8312: infusion center

For Patients and Providers:

For patients interested in receiving their infusion treatments and/or care for multiple sclerosis at The Elliot Lewis Center, click here to request an appointment.

For healthcare providers who wish to refer a patient to The Elliot Lewis center for care and/or infusions, you can call the main office at 781-591-8300, the infusion center directly at 781-591-8312 or fax them at 781-591-820.

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