Every month, NICA’s President and CEO, Brian Nyquist, MPH, pens a high-level update on the ongoings at NICA and what we are addressing in the infusion industry.

  • January 2019: The Medicare IPI model, priorities for 2019, and a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Read more >>
  • February 2019: Comments on step therapy in Medicare Advantage plans, federal regulations for starting an infusion center, and welcoming NICA’s advisory committee to Austin. Read more >>
  • March 2019: Advisory committee, annual meeting, and advocacy efforts. Read more >>
  • April 2019: Meeting updates, minimum standards for infusion providers, and welcoming 40 provider members. Read more >>
  • May 2019: Updates from D.C., progress on patient access legislation, and time to register for #NICA2019. Read more>>
  • July 2019: Looking back on #NICA2019 and looking forward to the future of in-office infusion. Read more>>
  • August 2019: Are you an infusion expert with a passion for professional development? Read more>>
  • September 2019: Protecting patients and providers is a team effort. Read more >>
  • October 2019: New team member, petitions, and patient education. Read more >>
  • November 2019: Insurance opinion survey, marketplace open enrollment and Medicare coverage modules, expanding our advocate network, and #NICA2020 updates. Read more >>
  • January 2020: Happy new year, plans for 2020, a new team member, and more. Read more >>
  • July 2020: COVID-19, major advocacy wins, and the launch of the Infusion Blog. Read more >>
  • August 2020: Two new faces to the NICA team, new Executive Orders, and more. Read more >>
  • September 2020: The growth of the NICA team this year, emergency-preparedness for infusion patients, and more. Read more >>
  • November 2020: NICA is now a trade association! Introducing, The Infusion Access Foundation, and more. Read more >>
  • December 2020: Introducing NICA’s new COVID-19 Antibody Treatment Resource Center, advocacy wins, and more. Read more >>
  • January 2021: A new year, announcements about #NICA2021, and more. Read more >>
  • March 2021: Registration for the 2021 NICA annual meeting, the COVID-19 Antibody Therapy Resource Center, and more. Read more >>
  • April 2021: Check out our quarterly electronic newsletter! Read more >>
  • May 2021: New NICA partners, Josh Smith joins the NICA Board, and more. Read more >>
  • July 2021: A recap of the #NICA2021 Annual Meeting, advocacy updates, and more. Read more >>
  • August 2021: New corporate partner, #NICA2021 testimonials, and what NICA has done in advocacy efforts this past month. Read more >>


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