Triangle Healthcare Advisors, LLC ( is a registered business broker and mergers and acquisitions advisory firm specializing in the Ambulatory Infusion Market (AIC and Home Infusion). In the past four years, Triangle has completed 11 Infusion transactions worth approximately $400 million with Private Equity and Corporate buyers. We know the state of the M&A market for Infusion deals because we always have multiple active deals in the market. Our database of buyers is robust, and we typically juggle 40-50 potential buyers who sign NDAs to review quality Infusion businesses. Prior to Triangle, our professionals led Mergers & Acquisitions for Walgreens, Option Care, Diplomat Pharmacy, and Omnicare. Over the past 20 years, we have structured billions of dollars of infusion transactions. We provide a full suite of transaction advisory services to make your deal a success (see our website for details). The Buyers have teams of professionals who want to buy your business for the lowest price and with the terms most favorable to them. Let us help you level the playing field and get the deal you deserve.

NICA members who request it will receive a free one-hour consultation with a professional from Triangle Healthcare Advisors, and/or a report on the current M&A market for Ambulatory Infusion.