Welcome infusion providers! First and foremost, thank you for your dedication to caring for patients. We admire and appreciate your efforts to improve quality of life and health outcomes among your patients. Our mission is to improve patient access to IV and injectable medications in your office. We achieve our mission in several ways. First, by connecting you and your staff with resources to educate staff and patients, as well as operational tools to make your jobs easier. Second, by collaborating with stakeholders to develop all-win solutions to patient access challenges. Finally, by advocating for the office-based Infusion Center as a more affordable, accessible, and compassionate alternative to hospital sites of care.

Although we provide basic resources for everyone, we provide access to additional resources, tools and benefits for Infusion Centers that support NICA through an annual membership. 


NICA was created to provide support and a cohesive voice in advocacy support to a historically underrepresented segment of the infusion market. If you meet the following criteria, then we are here to serve you and welcome your support through an annual NICA Provider Partner Membership.

Provider Membership Qualifications:

  • Facility is not owned and/or operated by a hospital, health system or medical center
  • Facility operates as a physician’s office or office-based Infusion Center
  • Facility provides non-chemotherapeutic IV/injectable medications
  • You are not considered a dedicated home infusion provider


In addition to supporting a charitable organization with the mission to encourage growth in the Infusion Centers industry by fighting to keep patients in your infusion chairs, we provide several high-value benefits for members. Members enjoy access to member-only tools and resources, like an enhanced listing in our Infusion Center Directory, access to IV drug and biosimilar pipeline lists, and educational resources to name a few. 

Education, resources, and win-win advocacy is needed to address the challenges facing current and new Infusion Center operators. You will not find any other organization more equipped to provide win-win solutions for industry, providers, payers and patients than the NICA. Join our team and be part of the solution!


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit patient advocacy group, we are a government-recognized “Charitable Organization”, and we rely on the support of those we serve to continue growing and fighting for access to the medications that patients need.

Membership dues are roughly tied to the infusion-based revenue of your clinic. This membership due structure is on a sliding scale based on the volume of infusion/injectable services provided on a monthly basis. The more your revenue is, based on IV/injectable services, the higher the membership due and vice versa.

For more information than what is provided above, please contact our membership team.


Thank you for your interest in NICA. We are eager to connect with you and to discuss the exciting work of increasing patient access to infusible and injectable therapies.

If you have questions or concerns, please send us an email and a member of our team will contact you shortly.


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