First and foremost, thank you for your services to our provider Infusion Center members and the patients they serve. We admire and appreciate your efforts to improve quality of life and health outcomes of infusion patients.

Although we provide basic resources for everyone, we provide access to additional resources, tools and benefits for Strategic Partner Members that support NICA through an annual membership. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will hopefully answer your questions.


NICA was created to provide support and a cohesive voice in advocacy support to a historically underrepresented segment of the infusion market. If you meet the following criteria, then we are here to serve you and welcome your support through an annual NICA Strategic Partner Membership.

Strategic Partner Membership Qualifications:

  • Your organization does not directly manufacture medications, medical supplies, or medical devices.


  • Your organization supplies products or services directly or indirectly to Infusion Center providers


There are many medical specialty, disease-oriented and patient driven organizations that support and advocate for different parts of the Infusion Center industry. Most if not all of these organizations rely on one primary delivery channel, the office-based Infusion Center, to deliver the medications and fight the diseases they support. We believe the greatest bottleneck to patient access is the availability of Infusion Center providers. The need for Infusion Centers will continue to rise as more medications are approved that require the skilled services of a safe and cost-effective infusion delivery model.

As a Strategic Partner, you have a vested interest in the long-term success of Infusion Centers nationwide and you will have a voice and a seat at the table to remain highly engaged in the future of Infusion Center success.   

Education, resources, and win-win advocacy is needed to address the challenges facing current and new Infusion Center operators. You will not find any other organization more equipped to provide win-win solutions for Industry, providers, payers and patients than the NICA. Join our team and be part of the solution!

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